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Johns Environmental provides independent, specialist advice on a wide range of wastewater treatment and reuse issues.

We have provided guidance and outcomes in the following areas:

  • feasibility assessments and roadmaps for greenfield & upgraded wastewater treatment plants

  • identifying emerging wastewater technologies and their suitability for client systems

  • negotiating licence and permit amendments

  • wastewater treatment and effluent irrigation assessments for DAs

  • environmental and irrigation management plans

  • on-site R&D to minimise the risks when adopting novel technologies

  • expert witness reports

  • development of site environmental documentation

  • environmental audits

  • eco-efficiency assessments

  • wastewater treatment system retrofits and upgrades

  • risk assessment to evaluate effluent reuse and recycling opportunities

  • soil and land resource mapping.

Johns Environmental has worked closely with clients to drive eco-efficiency programs. As a result water consumption and emission of nutrients and wastewater volumes have been reduced through the introduction of improved technology and work practices. We also have significant experience in segregation of waste streams with tailored treatment to remove key pollutants.

Johns Environmental has a range of specialist equipment suitable for field work at regional and remote sites across Australia. We also have established links with groups across Australia for specialist assays.